Eezy Blues – meet the band members and learn about their musical backgrounds.


Gavin learnt to play the harp from his grandfather and has been singing in blues / rock bands for many years. In addition, he is a natural front man he speaks fluent French and English.


Phil only started playing the bass after he had moved to France, but you would never know. Importantly, combined with Didier he provides a rock-steady rhythm for the band.


Chris’ love affair with the guitar started in the 1960s with a ropy acoustic. Previously he has played as a solo act and in a number of cover bands in the UK. However, moving to France gave him the opportunity to get together with the others to form Eezy Blues.


A new addition to the band, Didier is the other half of the driving rhythm section. His rock steady beat, combined with Phil’s bass, provides a solid foundation for all the group.